Objectives of the Internship Program

Through the training program we expect the trainees will:

  • Become familiar with the culture of Krishnamurti schools
  • Get a sense of working in a non-authoritarian atmosphere
  • Get the flavor of enquiring together
  • Encounter key questions in school education
  • Enlarge their vision of education and life

Living on Campus

It is important that the participants are familiar with
the ethos, culture and lifestyle followed at our Schools and are willing to adhere to them uncompromisingly. To facilitate this, it is recommended that the participant goes through the individual websites of the host school (The Valley School, Bengaluru) as well as the other Krishnamurti schools.

  • Rishi Valley School 1929, Madanapalle, A.P.
  • Rajghat Besant School, 1933 Varanasi, U.P.
  • The School KFI 1973, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • The Valley School 1975, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Sahyadri School 1995, Rajgurunagar, Maharashtra          
  • Pathashaala 2010, Elumichampattu, Tamil Nadu             


Each module in the course will be facilitated by one or more experienced senior teacher(s )/ administrator(s) drawn from various Krishnamurti schools in India. A full time coordinator from The Valley School will support the program through its duration. Specific school based coordinators will be assigned during the internship period at various K Schools. The over all responsibility of the program will rest with the Program Director.