Program Outline

The program introduces the trainee to History of Education including critique of modern education; what is happening in field of education in the country; Krishnamurti’s departure from modern education;  Krishnamurti’s vision of education and the significance of life; the intent of Krishnamurti schools; the themes that emerge from the krishnamurti's vision of education.

Themes of modules

  • Authority;  order & discipline; role of knowledge
  • Competition & comparison;  being and becoming; excellence
  • Reward & punishment; success & failure
  • Fear; insecurity
  • Observation;  listening;  attention;  learning;  thought
  • Ideas & ideology
  • Relationship & working together
  • Questioning & enquiry;  choiceless awareness

These themes will be dealt with from the following viewpoints and perspectives:

  • Drawing from a general understanding of the theme, examples drawn from daily life, 
  • and what is happening currently in the world
  • Looking at Krishnamurti’s writings/talks/ discussions on the theme
  • The way it plays out in the school/classroom context