J Krishnamurti with his insights in life started a few schools. The intention of the schools is to create a change in the mind-set of human beings and a change in the human psyche. To attempt this a child has to be brought up without coercion, fear, reward- punishment.  It is in such an environment and in the midst of bountiful nature that human beings can understand freedom from fear, desire and ignorance.

To express the intent in the routine academics is a herculean task.  However, at the art-village under the blessings of the huge banyan tree, a space is created for the human brain-mind.  In this space is the secret of human freedom, a space to understand what is the uniqueness and naturalness of each human being.  There is no denial that the human body – especially the voice box and the fingers have a special role to play.

With this in mind, the art village has multiple activities and related to all these activities there are specially designed studios.  The areas of engagement presently at the art village include :

  • Painting as participatory activity.
  • Painting as subject for exams.
  • Wood work.
  • Sculptures – in stone, wood, ceramics, metal, paper etc.
  • Thread work – big loom, small – loom, embroidery, macramé etc.
  • Paper – craft, paper mache puppets etc.
  • Dance – in various forms of classical, folk and contemporary.
  • Theatre – as an art by itself and also as an integrating process of various art forms, languages, history, mythology, science and fiction.
  • Vocal music – as participatory activity and also for examinations.
  • Tabla - a north Indian drum for solo and as an accompanying musical instrument.
  • Mridangam–a carnatic drum for solo and also as an accompanying musical instrument.
  • Pottery-as a participatory art from clay play to organized pots, sculptures etc.,
  • Ceramics – for the few students serious in pottery and for the teachers and resident artists.
  • A guest studio for the guest artists on campus.

We are keen to interact especially with the various forms of folk and tribal art still existing in the various parts of India.
We also are keen to welcome artists, artisans and art lovers from any corner of the world to interact, mingle and enrich the cultural dimension of the Valley. We also welcome all those who sensitively will share these facilities with us.
To facilitate the guest artists there are two special guest accommodations created. There is the beautiful banyan tree in the midst of wilderness and now the structures of the art-village merge in the ambience of nature.

The beauty of the structures is only to welcome meaningful and enriching interactions. It is also to become bridges in between the East and the West, the rural and the urban, the known and the unknown.You are welcome to learn with us, to participate in this process of enquiry through art into the silence, the sacred and the unknown.