Campus Tour

The Art Village is a dedicated space for Artisans from across the country to share and contribute thier skills. It offers students, graduates and others interested a hands on experience.

The Study Centre has been created based on J.Krishnamurti’s vision and provides an atmosphere of reflection and inquiry in to a deep study of the Teachings.It is located in a quiet corner of the Valley.

The oldest Banyan tree in the campus. Also provides a backdrop for the amphitheater and art village.

The primary water body within the campus.

The dining hall serves the entire campus.

The entrance to The Valley School.

The multipurpose ground that is primarily used for football and cricket.

The play area for most primary students. One of the oldest structures within the school.

The sport area for the game Kho-Kho.

The indoor assembly area also used for cultural programmes on rainy days.

Nature at the valley provides an array of wildlife and trees.

The Science centre houses laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Home Science. The computer centre and a seminar hall are also located within.

A sports facility available for all students.

The Junior school - classes 1 to 4 (Vertical Groups)

Classrooms for Standards 5 - 7

Classrooms for Standards 8 to 12.