Children growing up in the Valley connect to it in a strong manner, assuming responsibilities in various areas and activities to care for the place and the people, at the same time acquiring life skills, a sense of commitment and developing tremendous confidence in meeting with life situations. Children are involved in planning, organizing, implementing a number of tasks in the school – some of them with adult support and some independently. Thus a plethora of activities like taking care of younger children,  planning and conducting the school assemblies, organizing the annual sports days, dining arrangements including seating, washing and water recycling , ensuring safety and comfort during travel by school bus, working with teachers for various productions – Theatre, Dance etc are some of the areas that offer an opportunity for children to learn beyond the realm of academics and subjects. High School students often initiate “Open House” assemblies for the rest of the student body to examine various issues, voice concerns and come up with suggestions. A sense of community life and a feeling of belonging to the place is inculcated in every child during his / her years in the Valley.