The ISC Programme 2019-21

A Krishnamurti School is a dynamic, constantly evolving institution, attempting to create an environment, where one may try to bring about a change in oneself. 

Traditional school structures limit the holistic dimension of education and contribute towards nurturing  fear, ambition, comparison, competition and social success. 

The ISC program at The Valley is designed to encourage deeper learning, and look beyond mere performance in examinations. 


The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) and follows all the requirements stipulated by the Council. The school offers courses leading to the ISC (Indian School Certificate) Examination at the end of Class XII. The medium of instruction is English.

We accept about 36 students for the ISC program each year. Preference is given to those who have studied at The Valley School or other KFI institutions, and the remaining places are offered to students who may have studied in other institutions.

Subjects offered:

A student will have to choose, besides English as a compulsory subject, four elective subjects from the following:

English (compulsory)

1. Physics/Accounts/Sociology/Environmental Sciences
2. Chemistry/Economics/ History
3. Biology/Business Studies/Literature/Mathematics
4. Music/Art/Physical Education

In addition to English (which is a compulsory subject), each student is expected to opt for four electives, choosing not more than one from each set of the grid above. 

Under Indian Music (Hindustani), both Vocal and Instrumental (Tabla) options are available. However, a minimum of 3 students must opt for an elective for it to be offered.


Residential Programme at The Valley School

The educational vision that underlies the school aims at creating a learning community of students and teachers who live together and share the space of this enchanting valley.

The School offers a choice of Fully Residential or a  Week Boarding Programme. Students who reside outside Bengaluru are expected to opt for the Fully Residential facility and the Week Boarding option is for the students whose families reside in Bengaluru. 

Students who opt for the Week Boarding Programme will be on campus from Monday morning till Friday evening and are expected to go home for weekends. Students opting for a Fully Residential programme shall stay on campus through the term and return home for vacations / breaks that are clearly specified in the annual calendar. Consequently, the norms and guidelines for living on campus may be marginally different for the week boarders than for the regular boarders.



Students will be housed in hostels / suitable residential accommodation, separately for boys and girls. 

Medical Room
A resident Medical Doctor will attend to the basic health needs of the students.

Dining Hall

Children and adults sit together and enjoy simple, nutritious, vegetarian food, prepared fresh and hot during the school day.

Sports and Games Facilities

Sports and games facilities include a football field, two basketball courts, a kho-kho field, a volleyball court, a table tennis room, and indoor spaces for yoga and aerobics.


Besides being a treasure trove of information and knowledge, the library offers the ambience for quiet study.

Study Centre

The Study Centre has been created based on Krishnamurti’s vision, and is placed in a quiet corner of The Valley. The Centre also conducts dialogues which form a common platform for teachers, parents, and children, to learn and understand themselves.

A Day in The Valley


The school assembles together to start the day with chanting and singing. Assemblies through the week serve as platforms for many cultural activities, open-house discussions, and presentations.

Work Periods

During the lunch break for the senior school, classes 8 to 12 take turns each day to wash all the plates and clean tables in the dining hall, supervised and helped by teachers who volunteer to be a part of this initiative.  

Culture Class

Culture classes save as a space for questioning, introspection, for discovery and observation of our own  conditioning and our responses to situations.

Games Program

The games activities include regular physical fitness exercises as well as matches. Though the school does not take part in any organized competitive sports, enough challenge is provided through coaching camps and invitations to outside teams for matches in various sports.

Nature and Land Care

The children involve themselves in various land care activities including planting and watering saplings and de-weeding, as well as in collecting the litter in the campus every month, in an attempt to make The Valley litter free. 

Other Creative Engagements 

Play production

The Class XI annual play, presented in the backdrop of the benevolent Banyan tree that frames the open air Amphitheatre, is an integral part of the ISC calendar. 


The annual in-house magazine of The Valley - or the ‘Rta’, which translates from Sanskrit to mean ‘universal law’ or ‘truth’ - is a year-long endeavour, with the outgoing Class XII traditionally spearheading the process along with a smaller team of teachers and other senior school students. 

Himalayan Trek

A two-week Himalayan Trek for the students of Class XI each year is an opportunity to explore each one’s psychological as well as physical endurance. It also gives the students an unforgettable experience, and brings in a sense of silence and harmony, besides sensitising young minds to Nature.

Work Experience

The Work Experience programme provides an opportunity for students to work closely with an individual / institution / organization / industry to get a first-hand experience of the processes that are in place there, and get a deeper insight into that area / subject.

Art Village Program

The Art Village is the art centre of the school, a vibrant space for visiting artists in residence from across the globe, and a number of traditional craftsmen in permanent residence. Activities here aim at encouraging the students to explore their interest in visual and performing arts.

Parents’ Role

Parents are integral to the school. Their active participation creates an atmosphere of goodwill and togetherness; the parent community has been engaged with various areas of The Valley since its inception.