We are looking for suitable candidates to teach the following subjects in High School, for the term beginning May 2018 :

Chemistry - Classes VIII to XII

Biology - Classes VIII to XII

Accounts -  Classes XI and  XII

History - Classes VIII to XII

Sociology - Classes XI and XII

Music ( Vocal ) - For teaching Music of various genres to different age groups. In addition candidates must be qualified to teach Indian Music ( Hindustani ) Vocal to students who opt for this as an Elective Subject in Classes IX, X, XI and XII.

Please note that the guidelines from the Ministry of Education as well as the CISCE stipulate that candidates must possess a Post Graduate degree in the relevant discipline and at least a Bachelor's Degree in Education ( B. Ed )( Not applicable for Music Teachers )

Please mail your CV and a short statement of your interest in Teaching and Education to recruitment@thevalleyschool.info