Learning, we believe, takes place if we can avoid the division of school activities as academic , non- academic and separate them from day to day living. Grouping children based in to classes and grades and expecting all of them to learn at the same level and pace also seems inappropriate. Identifying a child with a particular class each year, as Class II or IV etc also seems to create a very narrow perspective and often creates barriers between children.

Thus after lot of conscious thinking and effort, the school has evolved the Mixed age group learning programme for children up the age of 12. This approach has been  in practice for the last 12 years . Children in the ages of 6 to 10 are thus grouped in to three learning levels :

  • I Entry level group - 6 years (presently has 32 children divided in to two sub groups - `Koels’, `Bulbuls’ )
  • II Junior School - Ages 7,8,9 years ( Presently has 110 children divided in to six groups - `Bhuvi’, `Ila’, `Mahi’, `Medhini’, `Oorja’ and `Prithvi’)
  • III Middle School - Ages 10,11,12 Years ( Presently has about 100 students divided in to six groups –`Anantha’, `Ambara’,`Antariksha’ `Nabha’ `Pushkara' and `Vyoma').

 The salient features of the Mixed Age Group are :

  • To create a working environment where children experience a sense of freedom and work according to their own level, pace and interest.
  • To create an opportunity for children to experience the joy of learning by providing various activities and materials that can inspire them to explore.
  • Encourage the child to grow with a sense of responsibility for his actions and his learning process by providing an opportunity to choose and plan his work schedule.
  • Working together with children of different age groups where there is no comparison and where relationships can grow to be friendly, helpful and constructive.

Students in the age group of 13 and above follow age specific classes from Class VIII to XII.