“The act of learning is the act of pure observation. And to learn one must have leisure. Leisure means a mind that is not constantly preoccupied but has infinite time to observe. To observe what is happening around one and within oneself.”

- J Krishnamurti


Keeping the above in mind, the following are our priorities to facilitate learning for a child. We believe that:

  • a child comfortable with herself will feel secure and in harmony with the environment and the people who surround her
  • such a child will act intelligently, understanding her limitations since wholeness  comes out of understanding oneself
  • sensitivity, care and attention should be fostered in a natural way
  • the fact that each child is unique should be recognised- one size does not fit all !
  • methodology and pedagogical techniques must ensure that there is no hierarchy of knowledge
  • learning approaches must  be suitable for differential learning capacities and learning speeds


The structural lay out in the Junior and Middle School is as follows:

  • I Entry level group  (6 years) `Bulbuls’  (presently has 21 children facilitated by two teachers) 
  • II Junior School – Mixed Age Groups  (Ages 7, 8, 9 years)  (presently has 110 children divided in to six groups - `Bhuvi’, `Ila’, `Mahi’, `Medhini’, `Oorja’ and `Prithvi’)
  • III Middle School - Students in the ages from 10  to 12 years are grouped as Classes V, VI and VII to facilitate age appropriate learning on the emotional, psychological and academic front.  


As children move in to the higher age groups, they are exposed to the system as per the norms of the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. Children go on to take up the ICSE examinations conducted by the ICSE board when they are in Class X.