The Study Centre has been created based on J.Krishnamurti’s vision and provides an atmosphere of reflection and inquiry in to a deep study of the Teachings.It is located in a quiet corner of the Valley.

Keep the above for the picture on the home page and the following as read more on a separate page The Study is one of several Krishnamurti Study Centres located in India & abroad. The Centres offer a quiet space, away from one's daily routine, for reflecting on one's life in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings. Set in places of great natural beauty and silence, they offer a simple and austere way of living for seekers of truth.

The Study frequently conducts workshops and/or informal study sessions for teachers & parents of the school, monthly meetings for the general public and seminars for groups of individuals deeply interested in the teachings. It also organizes annual gatherings with the aim of bringing together people who have a common interest in understanding life's problems in the light of Krishnamurti's teachings. Aside from all this, residents & visitors to the Centre regularly sit down to have dialogues on deeper questions concerning the psychology of human mind, education, the implications of a religious life and the quest for Truth. One of the Centre's primary functions is to help with the dissemination work of Krishnamurti's teachings. This happens mainly through distribution of Krishnamurti's books, sale of a limited number of pre-recorded audio and video tapes, participation in book fairs & exhibitions, and holding of gatherings and public meetings in various towns, cities of Karnataka. There is also a Translation Cell that is actively involved in translating Krishnamurti's English books into the Kannada language. This Cell also brings out a quarterly Kannada newsletter called "Sahapayana" which has articles, quotes and all the latest news & announcements concerning the Bangalore Education Centre and Krishnamurti Foundation India.

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